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planning a brand photoshoot? keep these things in mind

May 31, 2024

A brand photoshoot is is all fun and games until you realize a lot of work goes into it.

things to keep in mind when planning a brand photoshoot

I’m only going to say this once so grab some q-tips and clean your ears: every single brand needs or will need a professional brand photoshoot.


it builds trust

If you were interviewing a lawyer and he showed up with stained clothes and messy hair to your meeting, would you trust him? Exactly. The same applies here.

it increases loyalty

Your audience will be more keen on giving you (or referring you) business if your brand looks professional, polished, and ready to be taken seriously.

it boosts connection

Brands and businesses are made up of people, and people connect with people. They want to see you, what you do, how you do it, and who you’re doing it with.

you will make more $$$

Heard of girl math? This is marketing math: guess what happens when you build trust, increase loyalty, and boost connections? You make more $$$.

But wait, I'm not done–ere are a couple things to keep in mind when planning a brand photoshoot:

find your photographer

Ask for referrals or do some heavy research. Make sure they can accommodate hourly pricing, have shot similar content to what you want, and have an extensive portfolio.

confirm your location

This one might seem obvious, but it’s very important. Do you have to rent a studio? Is there a cute AirBnB you can rent for the day? If it’s at a client's location, what does their availability look like?

moodboard + shot list

Put together a mood board (I start on Pinterest) and from there, organize a shot list. The more detailed and descriptive you can get, the better. Give it to your photographer ahead of time so they can also come prepared!

outfits + props

To ensure your content lasts longer, plan for more than two outfit changes. Try them in different lighting to see how they look, and think of what props you need to bring (laptop, jewelry, food, signs, cards, shoes, etc.)!

Need some help? Reach out to us!

need some help?

If any of this sounds complicated, confusing or like something you don't have time for–don't worry, we're here!

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