founder + ceo

Kayla MacVean-Salaun

CCco. was born out of a love for people, connection, and people's need for connection. With almost a decade of marketing experience under my belt, I set out to connect brands with their target audience, customers with products/services they want/need, and to give a personality to every brand.

When I'm not strategizing with clients or writing newsletters, you can find me knee deep in a book, doing water sports, or with a taco (or churro) (or both) in my hand.

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Social media coordinator

Regan Warren

Hi! I’m Regan! I have a passion for strategic communications and social media, and love a good analytics report, keeping up with trends, finding creative ways to implement them, and having fun while doing it.

When I’m not editing REELs or coming up with content ideas you can find me hanging out with friends, eating popcorn, and probably buying my next concert ticket!

how we're different

we actually

When we say we treat your business goals as our own, we mean it.

we deliver

Powered by analytics, research, and creative strategies, we become BFFs with our KPIs and adjust as much as we need to deliver.

we have fun
while doing it

Whoever said that those who love what they do don't work a day in their life definitely joined our weekly team meetings!

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