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Kayla M.

things you can plan and setup this summer to help your biz grow in Q3 and Q4

May 29, 2024

Trust me–before you know it, it will be the beginning of October, and you’ll be ‘swamped until the end of the year.’ So let’s dive into this now.

don't let Q3 and Q4 sneak up on you like they always do!

Sure, while I know you’re looking forward to a couple of weeks under the mediterranean sun enjoying an aperol spritz, summer is a great time of year to set yourself up for a successful end of the year.

Here are a couple things you can start thinking of and planning for while you still have the time:

new offerings

Is there a new product you’ve been thinking about? What about an improvement to an already existing service? Brainstorm on these and walk through the launch logistics.

automate processes

Summer is the perfect time to look inwards and see what is and isn’t working. Are there automations you can set up to alleviate bottlenecks? New workflows you’ve been wanting to try out? Do it now!

customer retention

Here’s an idea: take your bit of free time and set up automated birthday and holiday cards for your current and past clients. You won’t have time for this in Q4, but you (and your bottom line) will be so glad you did it.

holiday campaigns

Speaking of holiday cards, start thinking of the holiday campaigns you want to launch! Get creative, be intentional, and reverse engineer your campaigns and launches so you have enough time.

Remember, proper planning prevents poor performance!

need some help?

If any of this sounds complicated, confusing or like something you don't have time for–don't worry, we're here!

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